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Appearances can be deceiving. No statement has been more accurate than with Levoit purifiers.

Although deceptively similar in appearance, the Levoit Air Purifier LV H132 has many differences than the Levoit Vista 200.

Without learning what they are, you could accidentally purchase the wrong unit for your home. This review gives you an in-depth view of the different features available with both models of purifiers.

That way, you can see for yourself why each could potentially be used within your home to remove allergens.

FeatureDimensionsWeightFiltrationFilter TypeAutomated
#1. Levoit LV H132
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7.5” by 12.5” 5.25 pounds3-Step True-HEPA Yes
#2. Vista 200

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7.5” by 12.5” 3.3 pounds3-Step True-HEPA Yes

#1. Levoit Air Purifier LV-H132

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Among the brand’s bestsellers is the LV H132. Despite being a similar size and shape, it does have some exterior qualities that differ dramatically.

For example, there is a black band encircling the unit on its top and base that isn’t present on the Vista 200. It also has different ventilation holes on the bottom.

They’re larger and broader than the small circular holes found on the newer model of Levoit purifier.


The features offered by Levoit’s two models of products have similar qualities but different capabilities.

For example, the LV H132 and the Vista 200 has electronic touch controls, True-HEPA filters, and easy-to-purchase extra filters. They both have a satin finish and produce very little noise when operating.

The differences are what set the two apart. The LV H132 has a drop-in filter, which makes replacements fast and easy. It also comes with clearly-defined CDAR ratings.

Finally, it has a prefilter that can be cleaned and replaced. To better understand why these things matter, let’s look at each feature individually.

Drop-In Filter

Messing with a filter can be a real bear. Not with the LV H132, though. The drop-in capabilities of the filter make it very appealing.

There’s no more struggle thanks to the handled filter cover that twists open and allows space to place the new filter.

CDAR Ratings That are Clearly Defined

Knowing precisely what the ratings are is a huge help when purifying the home. The air quality needs to be at a certain level to be deemed healthy for occupants of a residence.

The ratings are 110 for dust, 110 for pollen, and 110 for smoke. Research must be done to learn the ratings for the Vista 200 because Levoit does not clearly define them straight out of the package.

Prefilter That Can Be Cleaned and Replaced

The prefilter consisting of activated charcoal can be cleaned or replaced with this model. It can only be cleaned on the Vista 200, doing more work for you as it will need cleaning often.

Without the prefilter working optimally, the rest of the unit cannot clean the air as well. Traces of odors may be present, too, if the prefilter is dirty and can’t absorb the aromas.

#2. Levoit Vista 200

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The Levoit Vista 200 is among the newer models offered by the company. It has many of the same features as the LV H132 but doesn’t have a drop-in filter.

Learning what makes the two vastly different is more important than learning about their similarities.

Some of the features remain the same. What you need to know about both models is what makes the Vista 200 preferable over the most popular model available from Levoit, the LV H132.


There’s a lot to like about the purifier. It’s easy-to-clean and use. It comes with a special sleep mode that is as quiet as a whisper while it still cleans and purifies the air.

It also uses less power than the older model does.

The Vista 200 uses 10.3 W on the max fan speed. It’s also much lighter, with it only weighing 3.3 pounds compared to the 5.25 pound LV H132.

Again, it’s small differences that add up to superiority. Learning more about why these features matter helps you make an informed decision about the purifier you feel will work best in your home.

Special Sleep Mode with Whisper Quiet Capabilities

You want a machine that you don’t notice much. Thanks to a new and improved design, you get precisely what you asked for. The machine comes with a special Sleep mode that is whisper quiet.

You cannot tell that it is running, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. If you put the purifier in a bedroom, it’s imperative to have a feature like this because it promotes better sleep.

Lower Wattage Used on Max Fan Speed

It takes less power to run this model than it does the LV H132. You only need 10.3 W for the max fan speed. That isn’t the case with the LV H132, which requires 28.3 W.

It’s less of an energy hog as the older model of purifier.

Lightweight Design

It might not seem like a big deal, but a more lightweight version of purifier is easier to move around. The newer model weighs a few pounds less but still offers the same great features as the LV H132.

It’s an option for your consideration that could make you lean more toward the Vista 200 if you feel like you’ll need to transfer the purifier from one room to the next.

It also has greater clearance with it purifying 161 square feet of room while the LV H132 only clears 129 square feet.

The Clear Winner

It’s hard to declare a winner based solely on capabilities because both machines do the work that they were made to do.

The only things that make a difference are that the LV H132 has a drop-in filter, making changing it fast and easy. Being able to clean the prefilter and replace it is also ideal qualities.

Lastly, the design is far more attractive with the addition of black against the white exterior.

Despite being slightly heavier and requiring more wattage to run, the machine remains Levoit’s bestseller for a good reason.

It looks great, doesn’t make much sound, and is easy-to-clean. It also comes with CDAR ratings, so you know exactly what to expect from its performance. Overall, it’s a winner for the price you pay to own it.

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